Why is wordpress so slow.

April 17, 2008 at 6:26 am (Generic-Blogging, USER imperfections:) (, , , )

when ever I try to add text sidebar it so damn slow to

I found the “side bar” not under layout like blogspot
but under ” design, settings and widgets “.


save change show refresh page bla bla bla…
kill two chickes and then maybe it will update and show on my
home page after I hit (F5 ) to refresh page again.

It takes a little work to get it to work.
but fuck it’s free to use.

free shit works a little strang sometimes.



So far i found blogspot easier to use.
But I have use LINUX for a couple of years now i’m use to doing things the hardway.

If i stick with this i think i can figure it out.
BUT it’s a little frustrating some times.


untill next time, good luck and fair well.

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