one more thing to blog(” late night”)

May 3, 2008 at 7:59 am (Generic-Blogging, my blogs)

one more thing to blog(” late night”)
~ page 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2008 may edition.
* revised plans for this blog.

I don’t whont to use google adsence on this blog yet.
There realing not a lot of content yet on this blog.

But do i use some thing like amazons affiliate program?

No love for google and amazon

I haven’t had any luck with google adsence and amazon in the past, so i’m not ready to jump back on board so fast.

I don’t know any real people in real life that make money blogging.

I don’t even know any one thats blogs.
I Know some idiots that have myspace pages and
are into other social media type site,
but no love for the blogs.
WHY do people blog ????
(” bloggers need love to ???.”)
Do I realy care for social approval?
Are would I rather be wrong and have $$$$

~ page 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I don’t realy like social media sites.
– – I don’t like hurds of people.
I don’t like flocks .
# flocks over take most good sites, and then turn them into crap.
# all good things on the internet go to hell sooner or later
after the masses discover them.
Can people think for them selfs?
digg this crap that. tag this tag that.
rate this rate that.
(” I’m starting to rant about nothing now.”)
more nothing…
IMDB * ratings
movie fanboys over rated every damn movie.
AMAZON * customer reviews
every other idiot can’t install anything in their computer without fucking it up some were.
crap soft ware packages are crap software packages
we know this all ready PLEASE provide a work around or
shut the fuck up allready. help out just don’t bitch and complain about shit if theres a easy fix.
” down load the latest drivers and shut the fuck up.”
AMAZON’s customer reviews are so damn depressing.
can amazon vet some of their reviews.
wiki has more over site than most sites.
~ page 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Flock animals have very tiny little brains
COMENTS for this site seem to be filtered
threw wordpress spam filters.
and thats a good thing.
~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I don’t like green eggs and ham????
” I don’t like green eggs and ham ??? ”

green eggs and ham are  over rated. 8)

~ my 400 words of crap ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I got to figure this blog thing out later.
I like blogs even if they feal like a complete waste of time.
you can check out my old blog over @

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