annoying comment spam, just go away now spammers.

May 4, 2008 at 6:58 am (Generic-Blogging, my blogs, USER imperfections:)

hot mail spammers.
and life insurance crap spam.

Why do these idiots try to place spam in the comments
of this lonely blog???
(” A few facts from wordpress of late”)
Akismet has protected your site from 26 spam comments already, and there are 4 comments in your spam queue right now.
spammers work fast and don’t go away.
WHATS with the spam ?
I like spam it makes me feal important.
I LOVE spam.
I live for spam.
not realy don’t try to sell me any thing.
Can I report spam blogs to google adsence?
SOME types of
spam blogs are ok with me, as long as they don’t try to sell me any thing. I have no money leave me alone.
I’m not clicking on any ads.

I don’t mind some types of spam blogs as long as they dont have ads all over the damn thing every were.
A little profit $ is ok with me…
Profit is yummy . I wish i could make money blogging.

More Rules to ignore

whats ok and not over kill.

One or two adds on a site / blog won’t freak me out to much if it’s non intrusive and not annoying.
sh*t better not be popping up and blinking all over the damn place. or you have to die.
chain letter spam must die.
gibberish and false complements are all ways welcome..
I love fake people. i can’t have enough fake friends.
I’m new to blogging but i’m not that new,
I don’t realy want fake friends. don’t comment to tell me you like my blog, if you just want to get me in return to read your blog and tell you how wonderfull you are.
Be direct and say what you want.
I try to blog for PROFIT like wise.
scratch my back I might scratch your back.
sort of like this.
go to my old blog and click around @
context is king…
if you wish to GAIN something don’t be wishy whashy, just spit it out and say it.
Throw some light on what you want, just don’t randomly spam the comments.


I don’t aprove of gibber jabber

we can all get along,
untill next time good luck web surfing , have fun

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