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May 6, 2008 at 6:56 am (generic-tv-shows)

House. The best damn show on TV or the best damn show ever?
~page 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I like the show House.
House owns Tuesday night. crazy House for the win.
* REVISED INFO: 2008/May/6TH
* Now that prisonbreak is over , it looks like House may take over the Monday time slot for FOX.
* Now House owns Monday nights.
House needs no lead in show to be good.
House random fake doctors just pull it off.

~page 2 LOST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I’m less of a fan of LOST now since the Thursday move.
LOST was a good midweek TV show, but fails to be a great
Thursday show. If they would back to Wednesday it would be the lone big montser show that night.
LOST needs another sci fiction lead in show like invasion
to set the mood to realy make LOST work at it’s best.
? Does any one remember invasion ?
Ugly Betty and GREY’S vagina monologs suck as a lead in for LOST.
WTF is the target audience for that line up.
? Is LOST turning into a vagina show like Ugly Betty
and Grey’s vagina monologuess.?
? I s that why jack acts like such a pussy now.?
I remember when jack and th arab guy would torture and f*ck people up. Now they whine a lot and make sad faces for the camera 😦
pleas fix this damn show. Theres to manny vagina shows on ABC.
ABC Dancing With the Stars
ABC Ugly Betty.
ABC Desperate old housr wives.
ABC super nanny
ABC Grey’s vagina monologues.
ABC The view.
Is there a guy show on the whole damn network
that is not a vagina monolog chick show.
Steve jobbs totaly bitched out the whole network and turned it gay.
ABC grow a pair and make some TV shows that are not gay all ready.
~page 3 ABC sports~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
pre Madonna. Their trying to hurt Labron.
pre Madonna. Kobi
ABC sports suck more and more each year.
Steve Jobs does not like sports.
*ESPN on ABC is the brand used for sports*
ESPN use to be about sports, but now espn is more about
drama , gosip , and tabloids Since the steve Jobs era.

I don’t care about Berry bonds or Rodger Clemens.
ESPN needs to fire all the women they hired and go back to cover sports and quit the tabliod shit there doing now.
Steve Jobs dosn’t know shit about sports.

Current board of directors
Susan Arnold
John Bryson
John S. Chen
Judith Estrin
Robert Iger (CEO)
Steve Jobs
Fred Langhammer
Aylwin Lewis
Mónica Lozano
Robert Matschullat
John E. Pepper, Jr. (Chairman)
Orin C. Smith
Roy E. Disney (non-Voting Director Emeritus)

~page 4 end post~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
my 400 words are up for now.
until next time screw ABC.
ABC Micky f*cky gay mouse TV.
ABC grow a pair all ready.

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