NBA hype the final round.

June 2, 2008 at 10:22 pm (generic-sports) ()

~2008june 2nd~

NBA hype and commercial advertising help lead to the downfall of pro baskball.
The NBA is now a girls sport full of fake drama and to much hype. Bad actors are bad actors.
players should not have to sell a foul just to get a call.
When player sell a foul they look like big pussies.
Thats why I don’t like soccer and soccer players.
you touch a soccer player and they fall down acting to sell
a penalty fouls.

Be a real sport no blood no harm and move on.

~ page 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Commercial corruption of sports. ?

How many bowl games do we realy need?

How old is old enought to become a profesional athlete?

(3) (4)
When are athlete to young to viewed as dollar signs and objectfied for the proft of big bisness?


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