Blogthefreak getting the NBA wrong last month.

June 6, 2008 at 7:26 pm (generic-sports) ()


The NBA still living in the past.

last month i thought the NBA play-offs would be a little better, but i was wrong.

” Stuff that i got wrong.”
( WRONG about )
I thought that there would be more upsets ,but i was wrong.
there really weren’t any major upsets at all.
allmost all the teams with the best records dominated their
home courts.

I did’nt think K.B. would get the MVP because he can’t play defense. I was wrong.

I thought Garnet would get the MVP for his role in turing around the Boston Celtics .
I go it wrong.

I thought the Spurs could beat the the Lakers but
I got that wrong, but i still think the the NBA helped rigg the playffs so that the lakers and the celtics could meat up in the finals.

I still think that the NBA is just another extension of profesinal wrestling as a form of mindless sports entertainment.


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June the most uninteresting month.

June 6, 2008 at 6:09 am (generic-post)

June the most uninteresting month EVER ???

I can think of any thing interesting in June ever happening to me.

I’m ready for June to end all ready and it just started.

June 5TH 2008.

june gloom.

the weather starts to get to hot in socal in june and
the spring blue skys start to turn grey as summer starts up.

~ ? ~

I need relife from June gloom

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