bump 2008 July 7TH post

July 7, 2008 at 11:19 pm (generic-post)

bump 2008july 7th post
the aliens are out there

I haven’t posted here in a while.
I’v been at http://wardcraft.blogspot.com

nothing new her.
no new comments just spam.
it’s been a slow week because of the holliday.

still nothing new here.
But one thing google adsence is crap.
crap censorship and crap google adsence admins.
crap crap crap.

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Spammers need a life.

June 20, 2008 at 5:32 am (generic-post) ()


All spammers have no heart.
we need more class action myspace style law suites againts spammers.
wordpress should get in on the act ass well make the spammers pay for the cost of antispam defence software.

” I get to much spam on my wordpress blog. ”
” So I delete all garbage any thing that looks like garbage.”

death to spammers I will be on the look out for you.

death to spammers !!! death to spammers !!! death to spammers !!! death to spammers !!!

I belive it’s OK to round up spammers and have them shot.


The internet is here for fun not for spam.
Profit is cool but spam sucks.

The internet honchos should
just ban all Dweebs that that keep getting their PC’s infected
by malware and we should revoct the dweebs OS license
and band their zombi computers from using the internet.


fictitious stats go here:
9 out of ever 10 grandma’s don’t know how to use the internet. The other one percent think the internet was inveted by Al Gore.


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What happened to Big Brown?

June 8, 2008 at 4:46 am (generic-post, generic-sports)

–2008 june 7TH– Saturdays debacle .

I thought Big Brown would win the race.
But it looks like Big Brown could not hack it without
steroids .

There was so much hype leading into this race and
it ended up in a masive fail.
Horse racing = FAIL.
Hilary Clinton = FAIL .
June was a very good month for FAIL.

” I’m starting to like month of JUNE now that I’ve started to spot a trend.”
Front runners beware, JUNE may have your number.

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June the most uninteresting month.

June 6, 2008 at 6:09 am (generic-post)

June the most uninteresting month EVER ???

I can think of any thing interesting in June ever happening to me.

I’m ready for June to end all ready and it just started.

June 5TH 2008.

june gloom.

the weather starts to get to hot in socal in june and
the spring blue skys start to turn grey as summer starts up.

~ ? ~

I need relife from June gloom

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