youtube to be another avertising garbage dump

May 30, 2008 at 8:55 pm (Generic-Blogging, generic-tv-shows) (, )

youtube looks to be another advertising garbage dump?

copy rights broke youtube.

I don’t like to use youtube any more.

This month of May 2008 i kept geting to much spam from i decided to liment my youtube to mostly privet videos now.

The spam in question from youtube involved copy rite notices . so what i don’t care if the video are copy rited.
But i do care about youtube and the music kabol
placing comercials on the videos.

What internet commercial ?
I go to the internet to get away from commercials
and now youtube wants to place commercials on videos on youtube.

Google get the fuck out.

Commercials are every where?

Comemercials evey were , will their be any where i can go thats safe from constint advertisement every where.

blogthefreak ??? profit.

I’m not anti profit but some places nead to be kept pristine from over advertisement.

The music industry and Television and Film industries
will finally corupt and ruin youtube and google completely.

Is 2008 is the year copy right holders destroy the internet?

~ definition page~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(( Merrian Webster 10th dictionary ))
(def) of pristine.

*1 : belonging to the earliest period or state : ORIGINAL “the hypothetical pristine lunar atmosphere”
*2 (a ): not spoiled, corrupted, or polluted (as by civilization) : PURE ” a pristine forest ” ( b ) : fresh and clean as or as if new .


filed under couruption .

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The NBA as sports entertainment .

May 29, 2008 at 1:32 am (generic-sports, generic-tv-shows) ()

NBA sports



it’s not basketball

It’s entertaiment.

2008may 28TH

posting the day after the Spurs were robbed.
The NBA is fake.
The fake playoffs brought to you by the NBA has allready been decided.
The fake NBA is just entertainment now it’s no longer a real sport.

Every year it’s the same old bullshit.
non impact players are not alowed to still the show.
non impact player get screwed on every other call by the NBA officials .

If your not a star you don’t get come out on top of the battle royal . you’ve been lied to if you think the NBA is legit.

~page 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It’s all about the drama now and not about the fundamentals .
The fake NBA has destroyed the game of professional basketball and replaced it with over hyped drama.
The NBA is a girls sport now.


I miss real basketball

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random 2 cents (” MAY TV post “)

May 6, 2008 at 6:56 am (generic-tv-shows)

House. The best damn show on TV or the best damn show ever?
~page 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I like the show House.
House owns Tuesday night. crazy House for the win.
* REVISED INFO: 2008/May/6TH
* Now that prisonbreak is over , it looks like House may take over the Monday time slot for FOX.
* Now House owns Monday nights.
House needs no lead in show to be good.
House random fake doctors just pull it off.

~page 2 LOST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I’m less of a fan of LOST now since the Thursday move.
LOST was a good midweek TV show, but fails to be a great
Thursday show. If they would back to Wednesday it would be the lone big montser show that night.
LOST needs another sci fiction lead in show like invasion
to set the mood to realy make LOST work at it’s best.
? Does any one remember invasion ?
Ugly Betty and GREY’S vagina monologs suck as a lead in for LOST.
WTF is the target audience for that line up.
? Is LOST turning into a vagina show like Ugly Betty
and Grey’s vagina monologuess.?
? I s that why jack acts like such a pussy now.?
I remember when jack and th arab guy would torture and f*ck people up. Now they whine a lot and make sad faces for the camera 😦
pleas fix this damn show. Theres to manny vagina shows on ABC.
ABC Dancing With the Stars
ABC Ugly Betty.
ABC Desperate old housr wives.
ABC super nanny
ABC Grey’s vagina monologues.
ABC The view.
Is there a guy show on the whole damn network
that is not a vagina monolog chick show.
Steve jobbs totaly bitched out the whole network and turned it gay.
ABC grow a pair and make some TV shows that are not gay all ready.
~page 3 ABC sports~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
pre Madonna. Their trying to hurt Labron.
pre Madonna. Kobi
ABC sports suck more and more each year.
Steve Jobs does not like sports.
*ESPN on ABC is the brand used for sports*
ESPN use to be about sports, but now espn is more about
drama , gosip , and tabloids Since the steve Jobs era.

I don’t care about Berry bonds or Rodger Clemens.
ESPN needs to fire all the women they hired and go back to cover sports and quit the tabliod shit there doing now.
Steve Jobs dosn’t know shit about sports.
Current board of directors
Susan Arnold
John Bryson
John S. Chen
Judith Estrin
Robert Iger (CEO)
Steve Jobs
Fred Langhammer
Aylwin Lewis
Mónica Lozano
Robert Matschullat
John E. Pepper, Jr. (Chairman)
Orin C. Smith
Roy E. Disney (non-Voting Director Emeritus)

~page 4 end post~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
my 400 words are up for now.
until next time screw ABC.
ABC Micky f*cky gay mouse TV.
ABC grow a pair all ready.

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Magnavox TB100MW9 (” after one week.”)

April 30, 2008 at 9:19 pm (generic-tech, generic-tv-shows)

update revised 2008april 30TH

(” DTV Digital to Analog Converter “)
FROM walmart .
Magnavox TB100MW9 = $49.48 per unit.
* The box works fine with my home made antenna
and works a little better on the UHF pbs channles with
a cheap _ walmart _ 9$ sony antena i bought.
* Reception???? I got most channles accept FOX channle 11CH in socal and ch9-news-sports and-laker-games.
ether I live to far away from LA to pic up the DTV signal …
and or FOX and CH9 is to cheap to broadcast out to the inland area.
* workaround???

??? REVISED section ???

Wednesday :
during the first couple of days. CH9 CH11 and CH13
did not work for me at first.

but after a couple day on a friday channel 9 and 11
started working for me after I auto tuned the channels. and search again,,, channle 9 and 11 came in clear but no 13 yet.
Saturday :
I seached for channels again on the weakend.
channel 13 came in a little but not great.
I think it took a couple of days for the box to heat up and break in.

every thing is woking ok for me right now.
Theres nothing on channle 13 worth watching here in so cal.
so i can live without that channel and i don’t have to buy a better more expesive antenna to get the basic channels.

ABC NBC CBS FOX – all work and come in clear.
2008/april/30TH , and all is well in anolog TV land.

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pic upload (” LOST “)

April 24, 2008 at 3:21 am (generic-tv-shows, Uncategorized) (, )

hot b*tch in boots

Evangaline lily.
She’s a hot b*tch in boots.
(^LOST^) is one my favorite TV shows.

I have to download it all the time from bittorent.
eztv rules.
16:9 widescreen looks a lot better than the 4:3
standerd def TV shows stuff.

wednesday night I bought magnavox sdtv-tunner
from walmart @ 49$ each $107.47 after tax
Then – handed over the 40$ + 40 more dollor govement subsidised coupon rebate.
(” From “)
I got the box to watch TV shows like LOST in 16:9 widescreen on thursday night.
(” DTV Digital to Analog Converter “)
FROM walmart .
Magnavox TB100MW9 = $49.48 per unit.
* The box works fine with my home made antenna
and works a little better on the UHF pbs channles with
a cheap _ walmart _ 9$ sony antena i bought.
* Reception???? I got most channles accept FOX channle 11CH in socal and ch9-news-sports and-laker-games.
ether I live to far away from LA to pic up the DTV signal …
and or FOX and CH9 is to cheap to broadcast out to the inland area.
* workaround???
watch something else and or download load from the inernet.

Screw FOX CH 11and (*CH9 and fixed after moving antenna around”).
I don’t need your crapy shows FOX.
Prisonbreak is over any way,
and you cancled Terminator TSCC.

For FOX CH11 my dish-network dvr-625 will do for now , but
I did wont to watch NASCAR in DTV with the SDTV tuner
to see if it looks better than dishneworks crummy pixlated satellite low def crap. because dish-networks craps out
the local channles in verry low def. Dishnetworks PVR
slash DVR-625 recks all the stander def TV.

(” A / B switch ” )
A simple plan.

1. watch live primtime TV showa with the MAGNAVOX sdtv-tuner box.
at the same time use my dishnetwork DVR to record
LOST and other shows I like to watch later.
* may be only LOST his time of year.
And I only like a few shows. pluss I’m not a big fan of game shows and reallity shows accept
(” survivor and TRUMP’s celeb aprentice “)
* I have no plans to record or download reality shows.
* and or sports.
Live style shows have verry little replay value.
If you know how they end. Then theres no tension and drama.

2. download from bittorent if all else goes kaboom.
If things quites working or breaks.
* eztv and mininova ftw.

(” other plans “)
MAGNAVOX’s TB100MW9 remote sucks ass.
tinny tiny small buttons are not usefull for old people are heavy TV surfing. The tinny buttons on the remote
will ether wear out and quite working.
or you will break your fingers tryng to use the tinny little buttons on the remote.
(” buy “)a universal remote a year fron now when the codes get full suport for all the new converter box units .
and or buy $ the RCA tuner from radeoshack.
some people say the RCA sdtv tunner has a better remote.
othe plans since dish-networks DVR sucks low def crap.
$ Buy a cheap $50 DVD recoder from walmart.
and hope the crapy made china dvd recorder does not break
right after i open the box.
If all else fails bittorents again.
filed 2008/april/23RD fisrt draft.
filed 2008/april/24TH updat revised draft..

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LOST come back to my TV please.

April 22, 2008 at 3:47 am (generic-tv-shows) (, )

LOST come back to my TV please.
I’m tired of watching DWTS.

I hope when lost come back John Lock gets to blow stuff up.

Hurly needs a girlfriend.

And lost needs to stop killing of their best characters.

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