spammer-rific spam.

May 5, 2008 at 7:18 am (generic update, Generic-Blogging, my blogs) ()

Akismet has protected your site from 37 spam comments already, but there’s nothing in your spam queue at the moment.
terrific i did not know there was this much spam
here at wordpress.

At least there is some type of spam blocking system
for wordpress.
but what the hell is wrong with hot mail, can’t they fix their
spam jerks.

I guess I just have to learn to ignore the spam and let
wordpress deal with it.

~pag 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(” what’s the best spam line?”)
I haven’t come across any good ones yet.

~page 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Whats the worst spam line or spam-post ?

stupid stuff like chain letters and cut and paist
this message bull sh*t meems.
” failed internet urban legends bull sh*t.”
WARNNING don’t read this, if you read this…

~page 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
how dumb do you need to be to play along
whit that stuff and why do’t sites like youtube ban
idiots that play a long with that crap.

May be youtube dosn’t want to ban or alianate
idiots becuase they would be banning their core user group.

youtube lives off of idiots.
lets fix youtube all ready.

~page 5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A couple of fixes here and there youtube would be all right again.

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I’m still unhappy with the abc spellchecker.

April 17, 2008 at 5:14 am (generic update, USER imperfections:)

I have to find some kind of fix so I don’t

have to use the editors ABC spellchecker.

I want to use my browser spellchecker .
OKAY NOW the problem was with the wysiwyg’s
visual mode.

the HTML mode works with my browsers spellchecker.

the default mode should be HTML

Why start in Visual mode. thats kind of lame.


I will post more BLOG TEXT crap later.

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I’m off to a slow start

February 12, 2007 at 2:05 am (generic update, USER imperfections:)

I’m off to a slow start.
the spell check in my browser is not working
and cuting and paisting is not working right either.
O well it’s free so I’ll make do.
I had a look at Typepad but Typepad is a paid servise
for get it I’m not payong for somethong that is not making me money.

I blog on another free site and it dosn’t make money either
but at least it’s not costing me money.

If the spell check gets fixed I’ll consider playing with this site some more.

their are so many themes to play around with.
Thats one thing I like so far.

I could try typing this crap into NVU and testing it’s spell check before cuting and paisting into this blog.

using linux so my choice of spellchecking programs are a little funky.
also using a older version the Opers web browser for linux and it’s spell check is busted.
don’t realy feal like tracking down the cause of the broken spell.

I gave up on super managing the apps on my distro a long long time ago.
It got boaring tracking down the problems
so I just switch apps or try a different site
and that works around some USER imperfections.

USER imperfections:
were not all super users.

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I nead a spell check

February 11, 2007 at 9:17 am (generic update, my blogs)

I still can’t find the spell check

come on weres is the spell check this bites.

I can’t even cut and paist from my browser this sucks.
I finaly drank the cool aid and I aint liking it.

fuck it I give up
check out my other blog.

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