spammer-rific spam.

May 5, 2008 at 7:18 am (generic update, Generic-Blogging, my blogs) ()

Akismet has protected your site from 37 spam comments already, but there’s nothing in your spam queue at the moment.
terrific i did not know there was this much spam
here at wordpress.

At least there is some type of spam blocking system
for wordpress.
but what the hell is wrong with hot mail, can’t they fix their
spam jerks.

I guess I just have to learn to ignore the spam and let
wordpress deal with it.

~pag 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(” what’s the best spam line?”)
I haven’t come across any good ones yet.

~page 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Whats the worst spam line or spam-post ?

stupid stuff like chain letters and cut and paist
this message bull sh*t meems.
” failed internet urban legends bull sh*t.”
WARNNING don’t read this, if you read this…

~page 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
how dumb do you need to be to play along
whit that stuff and why do’t sites like youtube ban
idiots that play a long with that crap.

May be youtube dosn’t want to ban or alianate
idiots becuase they would be banning their core user group.

youtube lives off of idiots.
lets fix youtube all ready.

~page 5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A couple of fixes here and there youtube would be all right again.

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annoying comment spam, just go away now spammers.

May 4, 2008 at 6:58 am (Generic-Blogging, my blogs, USER imperfections:)

hot mail spammers.
and life insurance crap spam.

Why do these idiots try to place spam in the comments
of this lonely blog???
(” A few facts from wordpress of late”)
Akismet has protected your site from 26 spam comments already, and there are 4 comments in your spam queue right now.
spammers work fast and don’t go away.
WHATS with the spam ?
I like spam it makes me feal important.
I LOVE spam.
I live for spam.
not realy don’t try to sell me any thing.
Can I report spam blogs to google adsence?
SOME types of
spam blogs are ok with me, as long as they don’t try to sell me any thing. I have no money leave me alone.
I’m not clicking on any ads.

I don’t mind some types of spam blogs as long as they dont have ads all over the damn thing every were.
A little profit $ is ok with me…
Profit is yummy . I wish i could make money blogging.

More Rules to ignore

whats ok and not over kill.

One or two adds on a site / blog won’t freak me out to much if it’s non intrusive and not annoying.
sh*t better not be popping up and blinking all over the damn place. or you have to die.
chain letter spam must die.
gibberish and false complements are all ways welcome..
I love fake people. i can’t have enough fake friends.
I’m new to blogging but i’m not that new,
I don’t realy want fake friends. don’t comment to tell me you like my blog, if you just want to get me in return to read your blog and tell you how wonderfull you are.
Be direct and say what you want.
I try to blog for PROFIT like wise.
scratch my back I might scratch your back.
sort of like this.
go to my old blog and click around @
context is king…
if you wish to GAIN something don’t be wishy whashy, just spit it out and say it.
Throw some light on what you want, just don’t randomly spam the comments.


I don’t aprove of gibber jabber

we can all get along,
untill next time good luck web surfing , have fun

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one more thing to blog(” late night”)

May 3, 2008 at 7:59 am (Generic-Blogging, my blogs)

one more thing to blog(” late night”)
~ page 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2008 may edition.
* revised plans for this blog.

I don’t whont to use google adsence on this blog yet.
There realing not a lot of content yet on this blog.

But do i use some thing like amazons affiliate program?

No love for google and amazon

I haven’t had any luck with google adsence and amazon in the past, so i’m not ready to jump back on board so fast.

I don’t know any real people in real life that make money blogging.

I don’t even know any one thats blogs.
I Know some idiots that have myspace pages and
are into other social media type site,
but no love for the blogs.
WHY do people blog ????
(” bloggers need love to ???.”)
Do I realy care for social approval?
Are would I rather be wrong and have $$$$

~ page 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I don’t realy like social media sites.
– – I don’t like hurds of people.
I don’t like flocks .
# flocks over take most good sites, and then turn them into crap.
# all good things on the internet go to hell sooner or later
after the masses discover them.
Can people think for them selfs?
digg this crap that. tag this tag that.
rate this rate that.
(” I’m starting to rant about nothing now.”)
more nothing…
IMDB * ratings
movie fanboys over rated every damn movie.
AMAZON * customer reviews
every other idiot can’t install anything in their computer without fucking it up some were.
crap soft ware packages are crap software packages
we know this all ready PLEASE provide a work around or
shut the fuck up allready. help out just don’t bitch and complain about shit if theres a easy fix.
” down load the latest drivers and shut the fuck up.”
AMAZON’s customer reviews are so damn depressing.
can amazon vet some of their reviews.
wiki has more over site than most sites.
~ page 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Flock animals have very tiny little brains
COMENTS for this site seem to be filtered
threw wordpress spam filters.
and thats a good thing.
~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I don’t like green eggs and ham????
” I don’t like green eggs and ham ??? ”

green eggs and ham are  over rated. 8)

~ my 400 words of crap ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I got to figure this blog thing out later.
I like blogs even if they feal like a complete waste of time.
you can check out my old blog over @

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Whats my goal for this blog (^2008^)

April 18, 2008 at 6:56 am (Generic-Blogging, my blogs) ()

A simple plan.
Blog here @ wordpress with-out adds for now.

And if a few people will click threw below to my old blog that will be nice here’s the link to my old blog..
The goal there is to make money blogging.
first target is to get at least 100$ from google adsence.
Things i nead to by for my old computers.
* I have two computers running linux
* and one computer running windows XP.

4). my linux computers == 1 gatway pc and one HP pc

@ Gateway PC :
Discription :
gateway pc running damn-small-linux
could use larger ( hard-drives ).
(g) it’s the slowest system I have at (256mhz)
(g) has the least amont of storage.
gateway pc can use a new internal hardrive ” curent HD is only 4gigs. it has the stock original working HD .”
plans for the gateway pc .
Can be use as network storage.
but neads a second larger hard drive.
LAMP via ( XAMP ) works but is overkill on a system with only 32MB of ram.

damn-small-linux comes with beta ftp server.
So i think FTP is one of my best bets
for using my old gateway pc as network storage.
* SSH works betwean my linux pc’s

* I don’t network my windows XP pc
(XP) pc is only used for DVD burning and DATA back
to DVD from a shared usb-hard-drive, That
also works with my HP linux pc.
(XP) has better drivers for my usb-dvdburner.

* VNC works with my linux pc’s.

* SSHF also works but only as root .
But I like using ftp better.
sshf only work if I load fuse kernel module
using modprobe and do some more command line shell voodoo.
beta FTP is a little easyer to use.
(K.I.S.S) I use normal ssh to start beta ftp if i nead to tranfer files.

I also use shh to starx with lets be then use VNC viewer
to manage and monitor bittorent clients and other gui apps
@ XP machine.
Generic grey box platform o brand name
(XP) machine = slow ass old AMD 500mhz
(XP) 512 ram = XP barley runs one app at a time.
usally my DVD burning app.
(windows computer 20G harddrive split in half two partitions)
(XP) Is my backup pc.
10gigs for xp and 10gigs in fat32 for sharing between

I use to dual boot XP machine with linux on a second drive.
but I took out the linux hardrive and place it in a 40$ usb hardrive case.
I didn’t think i neaded to run three linux sytems
Three linux system to admin was a litle much for me at the time.
I had to many passwords to manage in my head.


After I get a new second hradrive under 100$
with google adsence money I will come up with a new target goal
for the next project.

suport for my project will come from my other blog
GO to

LINK is here

I’m not placing adds on this wordpress blog at this time .
but i will pimp my other blog alot.

LINK is here


untill next time happy interneting.

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2008 wordpress my second chance.

April 17, 2008 at 4:43 am (my blogs) (, , , , )

I gave blogspot a chance for over a year and didn’t really

get any good at earning any money from google adsence .

so that sucked for me.


but one good thing came out of the blogspot try of 2007

was that I learned a little and save some of my thoughts

on how to use a few difficult linux apps  at my blog…

archive @


2). wordpress is still the land of the typo.

wordpress just does not play well with the opera web browsers

spell check.

I’m going to have to find a widget that works with opera and wordpress for spell check.

i don’t like having to cut and paste.


This is my first post of (2008) at wordpress hopefully I can figure out wordpress

and get my little blog of the ground.

( )


I lost my pass word for my goofy little opera blog so I wont be using it any time soon untill I can

find my old pass eord for my opera blog

( )

I never really found opera’s blog system that apealy

at the time other then it worked well with the opera web browser

and could posibly be another good place to back up my notes and

documents on how to use dificult linux applications …

like ( ffmpeg , mencoder ) and other shell aps that have tons of

options and settins to make small and big tweaks to video files that i download.



done for now i will fix the typos later.

the abc wisywig spellchecker sucks by the way.

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I nead a spell check

February 11, 2007 at 9:17 am (generic update, my blogs)

I still can’t find the spell check

come on weres is the spell check this bites.

I can’t even cut and paist from my browser this sucks.
I finaly drank the cool aid and I aint liking it.

fuck it I give up
check out my other blog.

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February 11, 2007 at 8:56 am (my blogs)

well it looks likes it’s going to take me a while to get use to wordpress.
But I think I can get the hang of it.
and my other blog.
and no my other blog is not about the game warcraft
I like to blog about media insanity.
were’s the spell check on this blog.
If I can’t find a spell check button then I’m in trouble.

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blog the freak.first post

February 11, 2007 at 8:48 am (my blogs)

I’m new to wordpress.
but I have another blog with blogspot that I’ve been working on.

check out my other blog
I’m going to work on both blogs just to get a better
feal for the blogging soft ware.

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