Why is wordpress so slow.

April 17, 2008 at 6:26 am (Generic-Blogging, USER imperfections:) (, , , )

when ever I try to add text sidebar it so damn slow to

I found the “side bar” not under layout like blogspot
but under ” design, settings and widgets “.


save change show refresh page bla bla bla…
kill two chickes and then maybe it will update and show on my
home page after I hit (F5 ) to refresh page again.

It takes a little work to get it to work.
but fuck it’s free to use.

free shit works a little strang sometimes.



So far i found blogspot easier to use.
But I have use LINUX for a couple of years now i’m use to doing things the hardway.

If i stick with this i think i can figure it out.
BUT it’s a little frustrating some times.


untill next time, good luck and fair well.

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2008 wordpress my second chance.

April 17, 2008 at 4:43 am (my blogs) (, , , , )

I gave blogspot a chance for over a year and didn’t really

get any good at earning any money from google adsence .

so that sucked for me.


but one good thing came out of the blogspot try of 2007

was that I learned a little and save some of my thoughts

on how to use a few difficult linux apps  at my blog…

archive @ http://wardcraft.blogspot.com


2). wordpress is still the land of the typo.

wordpress just does not play well with the opera web browsers

spell check.

I’m going to have to find a widget that works with opera and wordpress for spell check.

i don’t like having to cut and paste.


This is my first post of (2008) at wordpress hopefully I can figure out wordpress

and get my little blog of the ground.

( https://blogthefreak.wordpress.com )


I lost my pass word for my goofy little opera blog so I wont be using it any time soon untill I can

find my old pass eord for my opera blog

( http://my.opera.com/anthony-netsurfer/blog )

I never really found opera’s blog system that apealy

at the time other then it worked well with the opera web browser

and could posibly be another good place to back up my notes and

documents on how to use dificult linux applications …

like ( ffmpeg , mencoder ) and other shell aps that have tons of

options and settins to make small and big tweaks to video files that i download.



done for now i will fix the typos later.

the abc wisywig spellchecker sucks by the way.

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