Dusk becuase 1024×768 looks ok.

July 28, 2008 at 3:02 am (Generic-Blogging) (, , )


I updated my desktop settings to 1024×768 from

800×600 .When i did this the opera web   and other aps gave me fits a for two days as i searched for better font settins.


on where to look.





tool for changing gtk fonts a plain text editor any.

tools for qt3 : use qtconfig.

tools for opera : use opera built in config.


type  opera:config into opera’s url space.

look for font menu and change to find a font size you like.


i’m not using firefox3 but there is a update for new firefox2 build.

I updated my firefox2.

you have to look under alturnitive downloads at mozilas site but it’s their and it works good.

I don’t need no firefox3. firefox2 still works and is still updated.


# filed under linux is confussing me some times.

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