BOSTON : blows game 5.

June 16, 2008 at 8:52 pm (generic-sports) (, )


Did Boston blow game 5 on purpose just to go back to Boston and win on their home court.

The NBA is rigged so this may be the case.

Would you rather win in LA are go back to Boston and win in a blow out on your home court.

Who stands to gain from the extra income rev from playing more games.

I’m not serious

I don’t think Boston lost on purpose .
Boston is not the same team after Perkins went down with a injury. Boston is a little softer with out Perkins in the paint scrap for rebounds and playing D.
Garnet needs to step up and own gasoft and Odem if Boston realy wants to win the NBA finals.


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NBA hype the final round.

June 2, 2008 at 10:22 pm (generic-sports) ()

~2008june 2nd~

NBA hype and commercial advertising help lead to the downfall of pro baskball.
The NBA is now a girls sport full of fake drama and to much hype. Bad actors are bad actors.
players should not have to sell a foul just to get a call.
When player sell a foul they look like big pussies.
Thats why I don’t like soccer and soccer players.
you touch a soccer player and they fall down acting to sell
a penalty fouls.

Be a real sport no blood no harm and move on.

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Commercial corruption of sports. ?

How many bowl games do we realy need?

How old is old enought to become a profesional athlete?

(3) (4)
When are athlete to young to viewed as dollar signs and objectfied for the proft of big bisness?


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I all most watch -cloverfield-.

April 22, 2008 at 3:06 am (generic-movies) (, )

I all most watch -cloverfield-.
but 30mins in i gave up after I got bored and frustrated
by the shaky hand held cam.

I can’t say whether it was a good movie are not.
The plot seemed ok but the camera crap was crap.


” Fuck don’t belive all the hype.”
I suck i hate every thing all the time.
nothing is ever any good fuck hollywood.

Another big internet disappointment.
I forget the internet is overcrowded by teen age
brain donors that have not seen enough good movie in their short lifes to identify the differences between good effort
( good execution and finally excellent results ).
trying somthing different is no a automatic win.
Coverfield is targetted at a small niche audience .
The youtube generation of DIY hand held cam and personal videos and video podcast / blogs.
every ones a media supper star.

Not realy we wish but not realy.
from the land of the typo thanks for reading ,
untill next time fair well and good luck.

Cloverfield good try.

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