I all most watch -cloverfield-.

April 22, 2008 at 3:06 am (generic-movies) (, )

I all most watch -cloverfield-.
but 30mins in i gave up after I got bored and frustrated
by the shaky hand held cam.

I can’t say whether it was a good movie are not.
The plot seemed ok but the camera crap was crap.


” Fuck don’t belive all the hype.”
I suck i hate every thing all the time.
nothing is ever any good fuck hollywood.

Another big internet disappointment.
I forget the internet is overcrowded by teen age
brain donors that have not seen enough good movie in their short lifes to identify the differences between good effort
( good execution and finally excellent results ).
trying somthing different is no a automatic win.
Coverfield is targetted at a small niche audience .
The youtube generation of DIY hand held cam and personal videos and video podcast / blogs.
every ones a media supper star.

Not realy we wish but not realy.
from the land of the typo thanks for reading ,
untill next time fair well and good luck.

Cloverfield good try.

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