Boston ftw : game 6.

June 19, 2008 at 5:30 am (generic-sports) (, )

NBA finals
It wan’t even a contest.
Boston beats L.A. in a laugher .

BY a blow out LOL.

I think Boston threw game 5 just to go home to Boston and win on their home court for the fans.

Celtic’s winning tradition

Winning game 6 BIG at home , Boston now can add this years team to the legand of the BOSTON greats.

” I’m Not a big Lakers fan so I was pulling for Boston
in the play offs.”
” I allways disliked the lack of defence played by the leages MVP poaster boy Kobi.”
” sell-fish players don’t play D and don’t rebound.”


BOSTON Celtics champions of the world.

Congratulations on the victory :
Celtic’s enjoy the parade see you there again next year?
Celtics You delivered all season long,
and deserved the celebration for the big win.

The Boston Celtics played Defence all year.
They were the best defensive team in the NBA all season.
In the end the Celtic defence kept them alive during the times when their offense struggled.
A lot of players struggle to produce offense in the crunch when it’s money time.
But when you can play hard defence you can buy enough time to probe your opponents defence and find a week spot to strike.

The Laker soft spot :
( Gasoft and Odom ) a lack of size and mucle, not enough passion,the to conservative players that play from the outside in.

( Old school Tough players and teams ) :
I remember when teams started their offence in the post.
playing from the post puts alot of presure on the opponents
individual and team defense.

( THE new soft NBA failes )
The new school team the lakers could not win it all even with the leages poster boy / MVP.
all his offense started from the out side and he plays no defence.
That should tell the leage something.

The status que + Lakers = FAIL.
Old school retro + Celtics = WIN.

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BOSTON : blows game 5.

June 16, 2008 at 8:52 pm (generic-sports) (, )


Did Boston blow game 5 on purpose just to go back to Boston and win on their home court.

The NBA is rigged so this may be the case.

Would you rather win in LA are go back to Boston and win in a blow out on your home court.

Who stands to gain from the extra income rev from playing more games.

I’m not serious

I don’t think Boston lost on purpose .
Boston is not the same team after Perkins went down with a injury. Boston is a little softer with out Perkins in the paint scrap for rebounds and playing D.
Garnet needs to step up and own gasoft and Odem if Boston realy wants to win the NBA finals.


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