Do you recycle?

April 19, 2008 at 3:24 am (Generic-Blogging) (, , )

I recycle.
I started almost a year ago for profit.

Before a year a go i would let the city take away
the recyclables and let them cash in.

I can make 30-40$ every 3 or 4 month from
recyclable tin soda cans the my relatives toss away.

It’s a easy way to collect a few dollors $ .
and it’s good for the environment.

Tin cans are the easist to recycle and they don’t
take up a lot of space.
I just use a spare trash can and store the used cans outside.
Platic bags also work good.

Theres at least a couple of places around town that
we take the tin cans.

WHATS the plan for the profits $.

But more junk for my pc colection.
Black CD-R and black DVD-R media.

A back up hard-drive with large storage .
I’m low on hard drive space write now.
That’s why I back up to CD-R and DVD-R.

After a new hard drive some sort of video capture card or tunnuer. I would like to build my own linux PVR.
May be use knoppmyth or write a script for
ffmpeg to grab the video.

I’m not real good with bin bash shell scripts.
but I’m willing to google and test things out.

Some were down the line i would like to build a new low cost home built pc. (DIY project ) ether a ( pvr project)
or a ( NAT project ) to keep me busy.

Are I would like to buy some low cost enegy efficient green pc that runs linux.


untill next time , fair well and good luck.

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