Is bloGspot a dump for net porn?

April 30, 2008 at 4:15 am (Generic-Blogging) ()

I did not blog this crap in april 2008 yet.

random crap edition

Is bloGspot a dump for porn?

when I do a images search with google for (hot women) or big-boobs,,,
( -porn ) ,,,
ect… ect… at google images,
google images links to a lot of blogspot blogs.

Is google tryong to pimp out blogspot becuase blospot is owned by google.

I don’t mind (T and A) but some of the blogs realy suck,
when all the image links are stored at a off site file host.
Forms are a good place to use off site file hosts for images .
But why do bloggers use of site file hostes and do a lot of deep linking to crappy pay site?

MORE free (T and A ) less linking to crapy pay sites.
MORE clean ( T and A ) less porn.
LESS lemon sucking smerks photographed by cell phones suck.
Buy a real camera are leave your cloath on.
I don’t blame this crap on hollywood I blame it on stupid people.
Stupid person = stupid person.
cell phones are for talking not for taking pictures of small boobs,,,, AKA ( AKA stupid = myspace slut )


stupid person = stupid person
Don’t blame every thing on hollywood.
Don’t let Hollywood do your thinking for you.
It’s all ways about money???????
I’m all ways wrong, blame it on hollywood.

untill next time.

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