Whats my goal for this blog (^2008^)

April 18, 2008 at 6:56 am (Generic-Blogging, my blogs) ()

A simple plan.
Blog here @ wordpress with-out adds for now.

And if a few people will click threw below to my old blog that will be nice here’s the link to my old blog..
The goal there is to make money blogging.
first target is to get at least 100$ from google adsence.
Things i nead to by for my old computers.
* I have two computers running linux
* and one computer running windows XP.

4). my linux computers == 1 gatway pc and one HP pc

@ Gateway PC :
Discription :
gateway pc running damn-small-linux
could use larger ( hard-drives ).
(g) it’s the slowest system I have at (256mhz)
(g) has the least amont of storage.
gateway pc can use a new internal hardrive ” curent HD is only 4gigs. it has the stock original working HD .”
plans for the gateway pc .
Can be use as network storage.
but neads a second larger hard drive.
LAMP via ( XAMP ) works but is overkill on a system with only 32MB of ram.

damn-small-linux comes with beta ftp server.
So i think FTP is one of my best bets
for using my old gateway pc as network storage.
* SSH works betwean my linux pc’s

* I don’t network my windows XP pc
(XP) pc is only used for DVD burning and DATA back
to DVD from a shared usb-hard-drive, That
also works with my HP linux pc.
(XP) has better drivers for my usb-dvdburner.

* VNC works with my linux pc’s.

* SSHF also works but only as root .
But I like using ftp better.
sshf only work if I load fuse kernel module
using modprobe and do some more command line shell voodoo.
beta FTP is a little easyer to use.
(K.I.S.S) I use normal ssh to start beta ftp if i nead to tranfer files.

I also use shh to starx with lets be then use VNC viewer
to manage and monitor bittorent clients and other gui apps
@ XP machine.
Generic grey box platform o brand name
(XP) machine = slow ass old AMD 500mhz
(XP) 512 ram = XP barley runs one app at a time.
usally my DVD burning app.
(windows computer 20G harddrive split in half two partitions)
(XP) Is my backup pc.
10gigs for xp and 10gigs in fat32 for sharing between

I use to dual boot XP machine with linux on a second drive.
but I took out the linux hardrive and place it in a 40$ usb hardrive case.
I didn’t think i neaded to run three linux sytems
Three linux system to admin was a litle much for me at the time.
I had to many passwords to manage in my head.


After I get a new second hradrive under 100$
with google adsence money I will come up with a new target goal
for the next project.

suport for my project will come from my other blog
GO to http://wardcraft.blogspot.com

LINK is here http://wardcraft.blogspot.com

I’m not placing adds on this wordpress blog at this time .
but i will pimp my other blog alot.

LINK is here http://wardcraft.blogspot.com


untill next time happy interneting.

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