CDW craptastic damn-small-linux.

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I use use damn-small-linux os on my main inter net pc.
the default gui for burnning data cd’s is CDW.
Open a shell and type cdw and the ncurser gui will pop up in the shell.
I have a lite on cdburner on my computer that does not work verry well with cdw.

( cdrecord -scanbus )
and heres my info.

scsibus0:         0,0,0     0) 'LITE-ON ' 'COMBO SOHC-5236V' 'R$0C' Removable CD-ROM         0,1,0     1) *         0,2,0     2) *         0,3,0     3) *         0,4,0     4) *         0,5,0     5) *         0,6,0     6) *         0,7,0     7) *

It dosn’t matter what type of settings I use in CDW’s
option settins cdw turns most of my blank data cd’s into

generic maxell CD-R works for me most of the time.
But if i whont to use a different brand i have to turn to
using commands at the shell.
So I’ve started to give up on CDW and K3B and turnerd to using shell command apps.


and then
2ND cdrecord.

hers a couple of samples.
@shell prompt.

((( from man page ))))))
To create a vanilla ISO-9660 filesystem image in the file cd.iso, where
the directory cd_dir will become the root directory if the CD, call:

% mkisofs -o cd.iso cd_dir

To create a CD with Rock Ridge extensions of the source directory

% mkisofs -o cd.iso -R cd_dir

To create a CD with Rock Ridge extensions of the source directory
cd_dir where all files have at least read permission and all files are
owned by root, call:

% mkisofs -o cd.iso -r cd_dir
((( from my notes ))))
/2008/april/17TH/ * MY DRAFT ” blogthefreak” *revised notes.
I have tried custom vinalla setting for
(owned by normal user)
$ mkisofs -R cd_dir > new-files-anime-videos-iso-.iso

( -R owned by user )
$ mkisofs -o back-up-docs~-iso-.iso -R -J -f -pad cd_dir/
the option -pad works best on my cd drive
without the padding option my CD-DRIVE is real slow in mounting some DATA cd’s and reading from the the cd.


Now to burn the cd with cdrecord

A few difernt sample options below.
notes by me are in the ( ) brackets.
* I use the wild card option normaly.
” Or type the fist few letters then hit the TAB key for auto completion of the file name. ”

((( sample )))
If everything worked, you may burn your data CD:

cdrecord -v speed=8 dev=0,0,0 -data cd_image.iso
( ./cdrecord -v speed=12 dev=0,0,0 -data cd_image.iso )
* wildcard ( ./cdrecord -v speed=12 dev=0,0,0 -data *.iso )

Thats working for me. I have a lot less coasters now.
I can even use different blank CD-R media other
than the maxell brand now.
But I still like maxell color disks they cost cheap but
work ok.

CDW failed constently on HP brand disks and on SONY brand CD-R disk .
“CDW” just plain sucked on my system and i don’t like K3B
verry much.
So now I use command line the manul page is only so so.
but there are plenty of instructions on line .
just do a google search for ” mkisofs and cdrecord ”


” OTHER option NERO “

I had the free sample of NERO for linux on my system for a while and it worked ok at burnning.
But i didn’t like the gui very much.
How ever I didn’t have to worry about coasters with NERO
did a good job burning once I stubled a round and
the ugly GUI and found the right buttons to click.


NERO came in a generic deb file for debian compatible
linux systems.
I use dpkg -i nero*.deb to install it and I
remember the file said that it was not propery configured and some other B.S.

Not problem unpack the deb file with dpkg.
$ dpkg -x nero*.deb foo/
then seach thue the files to you find the
config fle that contains the serial key.
you can paist the serail key into the gui when ever you load it from command line and your good to go.


* I think the NERO demo only last for a few month.
so I recomend learning how to use mkisofs and cdrecord.

(( land of the typo / I will fix this later ))
until next time fair well and good luck.
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