The NBA as sports entertainment .

May 29, 2008 at 1:32 am (generic-sports, generic-tv-shows) ()

NBA sports



it’s not basketball

It’s entertaiment.

2008may 28TH

posting the day after the Spurs were robbed.
The NBA is fake.
The fake playoffs brought to you by the NBA has allready been decided.
The fake NBA is just entertainment now it’s no longer a real sport.

Every year it’s the same old bullshit.
non impact players are not alowed to still the show.
non impact player get screwed on every other call by the NBA officials .

If your not a star you don’t get come out on top of the battle royal . you’ve been lied to if you think the NBA is legit.

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It’s all about the drama now and not about the fundamentals .
The fake NBA has destroyed the game of professional basketball and replaced it with over hyped drama.
The NBA is a girls sport now.


I miss real basketball

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does blogging suck. (^2008^)

April 18, 2008 at 1:35 am (Generic-Blogging) ()

does blogging suck. (^2008^) ?-?-?

how manny people can actully make a living blogging?
I can’t i don’t make crap blogging.
” I make minus dollors. -$ -$ -$. ”

“? is there another way to make money online that legal and not morally bankrupt “?

I havn’t earned a pay out from google addsence for a whole year.

I must really suck at this.

i know i suck at social networking.
and i don’t like whores for that social network.
fake person is fake.

1).Social networks = assclowns.
2). Kreaping blogger = creapy.


The only thing thats keeps me using a blog platform right now is that it’s a good play to keep and store notes like….
1).Computer how-to notes.
2). info found after long hours of using google.

3). Hard to find real world instrunction for linux apps.
written up by a real person in plain human language.
with usable step by step instrutions and sample.
some native/default manual pages are usfull….
but some other really suck and only leave more confused.

4). for any internet user google is your friend.
and that also implies to linux users.
( http:/ )


I hope to back up and post some usefull How-to docs
here at wordpress in future.
and see if wordpress will make a good archiving place.

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